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January 16, 2017: Just as I predicted would eventually happen (back on December 16, 2014), the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has ended their search for the MH370 plane crash wreckage in their search area without ever finding MH370 in it: Underwater search of 120,000 square-kilometre area in the southern Indian Ocean completed. Wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 not found there. Malaysia, China and Australia announce decision to suspend the underwater search. "Paul Kennedy, the project director of Fugro – the Dutch company leading the search – acknowledged on Thursday [July 21, 2016] that, if the plane was not found there, "it means it's somewhere else"."


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

MH370 Destroyed June 8, 2014 Inside Ispahani Hangar (Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Pakistan) by US Special Forces

Within a few days of the disappearance of MH370, I concluded that the Boeing 777 had been stolen, landed, and hidden inside a hangar, for reuse in a future terrorist attack. The plane was stolen and hidden so that it could be repainted and retrofitted to carry a deadly payload on a long range mission that would dwarf the severity of the 9/11 attack. I also concluded that the United States Government would destroy the plane in a covert Special Forces operation if it determined where the plane was hidden.

If MH370 had been stolen, the US Government (and its allies) would do the following:

Step 1) Conceal that fact from the world with disinformation (for "national security reasons")
Step 2) Mislead the unknown perpetrators by intentionally focusing their public search for MH370 in the wrong direction
Step 3) Use "delay tactics" (by extending the time of the search for MH370) to give themselves more time to discover who had stolen MH370 and where it had landed
Step 4) Plan and execute a covert mission to destroy MH370 once they determined the location of it
Step 5) Continue the public facade (for "national security reasons") of searching for MH370 and eventually end the search without ever finding MH370

March 8, 2014:

The actions onboard MH370 were deliberate, and its last known location, at 18:22 UTC, was in close proximity to UAE343. Both planes were flying Northwest. (Please see previous blog posts and links about all of the events I'm describing in this post, because I'm only going to summarize them here.)

March 13, 2014:

"unnamed US officials" started leaking information to the media, stating that MH370 flew South into the Indian Ocean.

That was Step 2: They knew MH370 shadowed UAE343 and flew Northwest, but they wanted to mislead the perpetrators into believing they thought the plane flew South.

April 5, 2014:

The Ocean Shield detected underwater signals that investigators intentionally falsely stated were "consistent with those emitted by aircraft black boxes" (when in fact, they were not) and spent the next eight weeks searching that area before stating on May 28, 2014 that the underwater pings were not from MH370's black boxes.

That was Step 3: They used "delay tactics" by waiting to "discover" the black box signals just before the 30 day battery life was about to expire, then gained another 8 weeks of time "looking" for those signals.

May 28, 2014:

Investigators said the search for MH370 would be postponed for at least two months.

That was Step 2 again: mislead the perpetrators with the additional intention of getting the perpetrators to drop their guard. (The search is "off" for awhile, and they are still searching in the wrong place, so the perpetrators have no reason to fear discovery.)

June 8, 2014:

Less than two weeks after that announcement, and three months after MH370 went missing, US Special Forces conducted a covert attack on the Ispahani Hangar at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan, where MH370 was hidden.

That was Step 4: They destroyed the airplane and killed the Pakistanis who were guarding it/working on it.

Any news reports about what occurred during that attack was disinformation from the Pakistani Government, including the claim that, "Karachi airport attackers were disguised as security workers." The dead were in fact security workers, but they were killed by US Special Forces.

Tellingly, "The gunmen had targeted Terminal 1, the old terminal that had fallen out of regular use. is largely vacant." Terminal 1 is the location of the Ispahani Hangar, "which is used for wide-body aircraft maintenance," and, "where the thick black smoke plumed up." "Police said one gunman detonated a suicide vest after being cornered in one of the hangars that contained fuel."

Concluding remarks:

From almost the beginning of MH370's disappearance, I suspected it had landed in Pakistan. When the attack occurred at Jinnah International Airport, it resembled exactly what I expected would happen during a Special Forces raid to destroy MH370, but then the media reports made me second guess myself. At the beginning of November, when I heard Australia was working toward having MH370 declared officially lost, I knew all of my original suspicions were right.

If you're wondering why a country would go to all of the trouble of stealing a plane, when they have planes of their own they could use, the analogy is this: if one is planning to rob a bank, one steals a car to use, instead of using one's own car, so that the car used can't be traced back to oneself. If one is planning to fly an airplane carrying a deadly payload (chemical, biological, or nuclear bomb) into a country, one isn't going to use one's own plane (which would then be unaccounted for after the attack).

If you're wondering why Pakistan would plot and carry out the type of terrorist attack I'm suggesting, Pakistan harbored Osama bin Laden for nine years after the 9/11 attack. For that reason, and because of other acts committed by them over time, I think they are a false ally of the United States/West.

When MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 2014, at least one person on board intended for it to land in Pakistan. All of the passengers were either killed during the flight or were killed after it landed. The collaborator(s) onboard was killed after MH370 was secured within the hangar in Pakistan. (Dead men tell no tales, and no one who was onboard could ever be seen alive again, to guarantee the secrecy of the second part of this terrorist plot.)

MH370 was a Boeing 777, which meant it could be used as a long range bomber. The target of the planned attack was most likely Washington, DC, but also possibly New York City. On the date of the planned attack, MH370 would have arrived in United States airspace using the same transponder code (and painted with the same airline logo) as a legitimately expected Boeing 777 international flight, but MH370 would have arrived early. If the legitimate airplane with the same transponder code came into range of the US before MH370 landed, MH370 still would have gotten closer to US soil, before fighter jets were scrambled to intercept it, and there would have been confusion because of two Boeing 777s with the same transponder code. An international flight carrying a nuclear bomb only needed to get "close" before detonating, so whether or not MH370 succeeded in landing, the detonation would have caused significant death and destruction.

Final Comment:

If you're one of those "tin foil hat/nut job" accusers, move on. The United States CIA thanks you for being a part of their discredit/smear/propaganda/collaborator arm, which the US Senate's CIA Torture Report documented is one of the CIA's standard tactics. (From the news: "Craig Murray, British ambassador to Uzbekistan from 2002-2004, was fired when he revealed CIA rendition practices in Poland and Uzbekistan to UK leaders – and was branded a liar.")

None of the countries I mentioned are going to admit the truth, for both political and national security reasons. In fifty years or so, maybe the US will declassify their documents about MH370, and then the truth will be known.