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January 16, 2017: Just as I predicted would eventually happen (back on December 16, 2014), the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has ended their search for the MH370 plane crash wreckage in their search area without ever finding MH370 in it: Underwater search of 120,000 square-kilometre area in the southern Indian Ocean completed. Wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 not found there. Malaysia, China and Australia announce decision to suspend the underwater search. "Paul Kennedy, the project director of Fugro – the Dutch company leading the search – acknowledged on Thursday [July 21, 2016] that, if the plane was not found there, "it means it's somewhere else"."


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MH370's final location could be near S32 E92 (if the Investigators' assertions are correct)

Hover over image to open it in a larger view.

If the Inmarsat Timing Rings are accurate, and if the Investigators' implication that MH370 flew by waypoints is true, and if the Investigators' insistence that MH370 could only have flown South is correct, then MH370's final location could be near S32 E92, assuming it flew due South after reaching waypoint KETIV.

I estimated the radii of the Inmarsat Timing Rings, then looked for any airplane that might have a correlation with the circle at 22:41 UTC.

SIA352 correlated with their 19:41, 21:41, and 22:41 UTC circles, flying North. I plotted SIA352's distances to the satellite, then mirror flipped and rotated those distances, to estimate where MH370 would be, heading South.

I made the further assumption that if MH370 flew South, as the Investigators insist, and if MH370 flew along waypoints, then I assumed it flew along these waypoints (to avoid land):


(I added S70E92 to extend the path down to the South Pole.)

That path correlated with the estimated 18:22 UTC radius, and the 21:41 and 22:41 UTC radii (in the Southern direction).

The 00:11 UTC circle (and 00:19 UTC circle, which isn't shown) intersect with the due South flight path near S32 E92.

Note: I am not saying this is in fact where MH370 is. I am presenting this as one possibility, based on what the Investigators have stated as facts in this case, and based on my estimates of the Inmarsat Timing Rings. Inmarsat has failed to provide the radii of their circles.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Sir

    Thank you for authoring this anonymous blog, and thank you doubly for allowing anonymous comments.

    I have an amazingly astounding comment to make, and it's not directly on this particular blog entry of yours. Instead, I found the map that you provided here the best medium to lay out my comment.

    In this map here, the arcs given by Inmarsat calculations ranged from the time 17:41 to 22:41. I will draw your particular attention to the arc of ~18:22, the other arcs being of no relevance to my comments.

    Next, I will track back in time to the moment that MH370 transponder signal disappeared. This is not shown in your map, but the location is right there, somewhere between the air traffic control reach of Ho Chi Min ATC and Kuala Lumpur ATC. In the Gulf of Thailand (or South China Sea, if that is clearer). And the time then was 17:21, this is a fact that nobody can change. There might be confusion over mismatch in Vietnam time and Malaysia time, and conversion from GMT etc, but basically the information is static and can be verified until rock solid.

    So here comes my astounding comment: how is it possible for a fully laden 777 to cover the route between the middle of the Gulf of Thailand to the Inmarsat arcs calculated for ~18:22 or 17:41 drawn in your map?

    Actually, I rather suspect the 17:41 could be a simple error (maybe it's 20:41), we can even speculate that it's an error planted as a seed for distraction, but I'm not getting into that. Just look at ~18:22 instead, how can that 777 cover that route between the time 17:21 to 18:22? The plane had to first make an U-turn, then fly southerly and turn again through the various stated locations like Penang/Butterworth, Vampi, Gival and toward the direction of Igrex. Not to mention the various unacknowledged stories of gaining height and then flying low etc.

    Plus, I'll like to stress on the "fully loaded" aspect. Although passenger numbers is well short of the maximum capacity of a 777, there was a heavy cargo load and the cargo manifest will tell you that the cargo weight and freight charges more than make up for the empty seats. Also, the fuel tank took on more than the norm, since fuel is cheaper in KL than in Peking, resulting that passengers placed on standby could fill 4 of the empty seats only when there were no-shows.

    I'm laying out all these little details because they are seldom revealed in regular reports, so I hope it's not too tedious to read through. Anyway, I'm hoping that readers from the aviation industry can either confirm or disagree that a fully loaded 777 cannot make that route between the time of 17:21 in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand to 18:22 somewhere in the Andaman Sea.

    If the people in the aviation industry can confirm what I've laid out above, then the Inmarsat calculations are proven to be complete fantasy. And if the 18:22 arc is dismissed, so are all the rest of the Inmarsat arcs.

    This is what I mean when I said I have an amazingly astounding comment. Please feel completely free to use whatever you want, your blog might be saving the world from wasting millions and millions of $ in searching areas possibly born out of a fantasy spun by Inmarsat.

    Anonymous R


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